Splash and Dash[WATOPIA]
■Official Data
  DistanceElevation Gain
RaceLeadIn 0.22km (0.13mi) 0.3m (1.0')
FreeLeadIn 0.22km (0.14mi) 0.3m (1.0')
Route 6.03km (3.75mi) 26.3m (86.3')
distanceBetweenFirstLastLrCPsInMeters 0.00m
Badge Bonus:0XP
Sports Type:Run LAP Support:No
TT Support:No Event Only:Yes
Meetup:No Level lock:No
■Segment Data
■Profile Data
SStart Point, GGoal Point, LLap Point, KKOM Point, SSprint Point, CCaution Point
※ZWIFTランは標高データを持っていません。['ZWIFT Run' does not have elevation data.]